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Bedroom Bites Part II: Art Basel Hotel Review

The lobby of Sole on the Ocean.
The lobby of Sole on the Ocean.

While I was at the Miami Beach Convention Center this past Saturday, a lovely, David Coverdale-and-Tawny Kitaen-esque couple told me that their room service

and mushroom omelet experience at Sanctuary Hotel was awful. They complained that their coffee arrived to the room with no cream…twice. They complained that

the language barrier between the operator (who only spoke Spanish) and themselves (who only speak English) turned a 30 second request into an 20 minute, verbal surgical procedure. A friend who stayed at Atlantic Beach Hotel had no T.V. service and was informed that the cable guy was coming soon. He never came. So, what about you? For those of you who spent $800 a night at that posh penthouse sanctuary, was it worth it? If you only spent $50 a night, should

you complain about your cable-less stay? This is your time, your moment to stand up for your credit card bill and let hotel management know how you expect to

get your damn coffee whether you spent $800 a night or not.