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New Busch Gardens coaster will be at temple of snake king

Model of Cobra’s Curse, family coaster under construction at Busch Gardens.
Model of Cobra’s Curse, family coaster under construction at Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens unveiled a model of its next roller coaster, Cobra’s Curse, at the International Amusement Parks and Attractions show in Orlando Tuesday and revealed additional details about the ride, due to debut in 2016 at the Tampa theme park.

The ride is being built in the Egypt section of the park. Its setting is a modern day dig site in Egypt, where archeologists have uncovered the legendary temple of the snake king, Venymyss.

The ride starts out with a vertical lift — 70 feet straight up — to the top of the temple, through an “outward-banked turn” and close to the jaws of a 80-foot tall statue of the cobra king, which is rearing back as if to strike.

The cars are locked into place, facing forward. Then about halfway through, they turn 180 degrees so passengers are riding backwards. At the top of a second lift, the seats are unlocked and spin freely for the rest of the ride, a little like a swivel chair does, but moving forward at the same time. The spinning will be different on each ride. Each train spins randomly, with frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution.

The multi-directional spins on Cobra’s Curse will provide excitement and fun for guests of all ages

Brian Morrow, Busch Gardens’ attraction creative designer

The coaster will be about 2,100 feet long, 70 feet high, top out around 40 miles an hour and last about 3 1/2 minutes. The park calls it a family coaster that fits between Air Grover, a kiddie coaster, and Cheetah Hunt, a coaster for families with older kids.