Take-along alarm

First Alert is well known for smoke and carbon monoxide detector/alarms that help safeguard home life. Now, the company offers a different kind of alarm for takeout.

The POD Personal Security Alarm is a featherweight 3-inch-long teardrop-shaped device that looks like a remote control clicker but is actually a screeching motion sensitive alert that someone may have evil designs on you or your stuff.

Three buttons on the top do it all. Press the round middle button to (silently) turn on a handy flashlight. Hang the POD by its included loop around a door handle, suitcase, purse, or whatever, activate the button with the vibration symbol, and sensors will trigger a siren if the object moves. (you can set the alarm to instantly sound, or provide a 20-second delay). The button with the exclamation mark inside a triangle is an in-hand emergency/panic alarm, ready to blast a 100 dB siren with flashing light when pressed.

The POD, which runs on an included lithium battery, sounds for three minutes (unless deactivated), then rearms.

First Alert POD Personal Security Alarm is $39.95 at