Hogwarts Express: Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade

The Hogwarts Express, which will transport guests between the Harry Potter attractions in Universal Orlando’s two theme parks, will have a view of the British countryside and characters — good and evil — from the books and movies.

Universal, which has been announcing information about the new attraction bit by bit, on Friday unveiled a few more details.

Among the sights visitors will see from the train: Hagrid on his flying motorbike, Buckbeak the Hippogriff, the Weasley twins on brooms, Dementors, and the Knight Bus swerving through London traffic.

The train ride, as well as the new Diagon Alley attraction with a thrill ride set in Gringotts bank, is scheduled to open at Universal Studios this summer on a date not yet announced.

It’s an expensive train ride. The only way guests can ride it is by buying a two-park pass, which is $136 for one day for adults. A single-park pass is $96 and admits guests to either Islands of Adventure, home of the original Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Hogsmeade, or Universal Studios with the new attraction set in London, but won’t get them on the train, which runs between the two parks.

At Universal Studios, to get to the train, visitors will pass through the brick wall at King’s Cross Station to arrive at Platform 9 ¾. The ride will take them through the British countryside to Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is set in Scotland.