Postcard from Maine

Red's Eats in Wicasset, Maine, is famous for its lobster roll.
Red's Eats in Wicasset, Maine, is famous for its lobster roll. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

In Maine last fall, I learned the secret of eating lobster:

Keep it simple.

On this, our first trip to Maine, my husband and I planned to eat plenty of lobster -- three meals a day if we could.

We wanted to start with the iconic lobster roll -- also a first for us -- and we wanted it to be perfect. We did our research and decided on Red's Eats in Wicasset, recommended by

Red's is a roadside shack that's been in Wicasset since 1954. It's open only in the summer, and draws crowds. When we hit Red's at about 4 p.m. there was a line of people waiting for fried clams and lobster rolls with at least a pound of meat.

We didn't know what to expect, but the lobster rolls tasted great: lots of sweet lobster meat on a roll, light on the mayo with a hint of lemon.

It wasn't until we had tasted the creations of a few too-creative chefs that we appreciated the simplicity of the lobster roll. Truffled macaroni and cheese with lobster. Orzo with peas, tomatoes and lobster. Warm lobster, mushrooms and goat cheese. Lobster salad with blueberry-muffin croutons. Yuck!

The lesson: The more ingredients you add to a lobster dish, the more you lose the taste of lobster. Stick to simple.

This is one in a series of postcards by Marjie Lambert, assistant Travel editor, who has been to all 50 states.

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