Dave Barry Gift Guide


$14.99 plus shipping and handling from www.wrapanap.com

Suggested by Patrick Cahill of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Has this ever happened to you? Your eyes are closed, and you’re trying to sleep. Just when you start to drift off, you hear the annoying sound of people talking. You open your eyes and say, “Can you people PLEASE KEEP IT DOWN??” Then you get in trouble, because you forgot you were in a staff meeting at work.

If that sounds familiar, you need the Wrap-a-Nap. This revolutionary product combines, for the first time ever that we know of, a pillow, a blindfold AND earmuffs. You simply wrap it around your head, and suddenly you can’t see or hear. And the best part is, your boss and co-workers will never even know that you’re wearing the Wrap-a-Nap! We’re assuming here that they are blind.

But the Wrap-a-Nap isn’t just for office workers. It can be used to grab a quick “40 winks” in many environments — museums, funerals, State of the Union Addresses, the cockpits of commercial airliners — any place where oblivion is welcome. It is our understanding that the New York Metropolitan Opera sells these babies by the crate.

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