Dave Barry Gift Guide

Toad Purse

$34.95 plus shipping and handling from ToadShop, P.O. Box 1233, Greenville, Maine 04441, 877-855-3442, www.toadshop.com

Suggested by Angie Mansfield of Madison, S.D.

Imagine this holiday scene: A fashionable woman unwraps a gaily wrapped package and finds What’s this? A dead toad!

Sound too good to be true? Well it could be a reality for some lucky lady on your holiday gift list, if you give her this toad purse. That’s right: This is a real, functioning purse, made from a real, formerly functioning toad. It has a cord so you can carry it on your shoulder, and there’s a working zipper in the toad’s butt, so you can open it up and put small items inside the toad. Smelling salts, for example.

We’re sure this item will make a huge impression on whomever you give it to, based on the reaction of the Holiday Gift Guide staff, Judi Smith, who refused to touch the toad purse with her bare hands, and had trouble even looking directly at it.

The toad purse: A gift she will always remember, even after therapy.

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