Dave Barry Gift Guide

Game On Glove

$29.99 plus shipping and handling from Game On Glove, 19 Tiffany Ct., Montville, N.J. 07045, 904-GET-GOG1, 904-438-4641, www.gameonglove.com

Suggested by Andrew Hoenig of Rockville, Md.

Here is the ultimate gift for the “sports fanatic” on your list who wants to support his team in a way that makes the unmistakable statement: “I’m a dork!”

The Game On Glove is a piece of soft plastic about the size of a head of lettuce, shaped sort of like a hockey glove and painted in the colors of a sports team. There’s a hole where you stick your hand in, and another hole where you put your beverage, so you can use your Game On Glove to hold your beverage! Of course you could also just hold your beverage in your hand, but that wouldn’t look nearly as dorky.

But holding your beverage is only one of the things you can do with your Game On Glove. You can also OK, let’s take a peek at the official Game On Glove website....

OK, it turns out that holding your beverage is pretty much what you do with the Game On Glove. So if you know anybody who would be excited by the prospect of receiving something like this, then this is definitely what you should give that person.

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