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The Maniki Butt Bra for Men

Before the maniki...
Before the maniki... FOR THE HERALD nosales

$39.95 plus shipping and handling from KarinArt, Inc., www.biniki-fashions.com or e-mail info@biniki-fashions.com

Suggested by Chuck Cody of Columbus, Ohio

We swear we are not making up the Maniki Butt Bra. This is a buttocks-support garment for men, developed by the same company that makes the Biniki, a.k.a. "the Butt Bra for women." The company website states: "The backside is a beautiful part of the human body when supported and properly framed by interesting bottom hugging clothing. One sign this way of viewing the entire body is finally here is the acceptance of many sports and entertainment personalities."

Far be it from us to contradict many sports and entertainment personalities, but anybody who believes that the backside is a beautiful part of the human body has never been to a beach populated by regular non-celebrity Americans, many of whom are sporting buttocks the size of beanbag chairs. Nevertheless we believe that the Maniki is a fine product, and a terrific way for you ladies to send the following holiday message to that special man on your list: "Your behind is sagging."

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