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Wearable Sleeping Bag

Wearable Sleeping Bag
Wearable Sleeping Bag BOB EIGHMIE

89 plus shipping and handling from Barmans Ltd., Saxon Way Industrial Estate, Melbourn, Hertfordshire, SG8 6DN, UK, 0870-428-0958, www.drinkstuff.com

Suggested by Claire Martin of Denver, Colo.

It is a medical fact that most people do not get enough sleep. Why? Work, that's why. Incredibly, even in the 21st century, very few employers outside of the brothel industry and certain government agencies provide beds for their employees, which means workers must spend the day sitting in chairs, awake, using up precious energy reserves that they need for evenings and weekends.

What can we do about this? The answer is so simple it's hard to believe it took so long for somebody to figure it out: We can wear sleeping bags to work. Specifically we can wear the Lippi Selk wearable sleeping bag, which combines the comfort of a regular sleeping bag with a level of chic fashion elegance normally associated only with the Michelin Man. When you put this baby on, your bed is any place you happen to be -- on a conference table, under your cubicle -- even, for catnaps, in the elevator. And just think how great it would be to wear a sleeping bag on a plane! Especially if you're a pilot.

This is also a great outfit for dull formal gatherings, which is why the Lippi Selk is the only wearable sleeping bag officially endorsed by both Queen Elizabeth II and her ancestor Queen Elizabeth I.