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Pet Highchair

Pet Highchair
Pet Highchair BOB EIGHMIE

$59.99 plus shipping and handling from Target, 800-591-3869, www.target.com

Suggested by Annie Eitman of Moorpark, Calif.

Meal time is usually very sad for dogs, because they are confined to the floor, like some kind of domestic animal or something, while the humans get to sit up at the table, where the food is.

But now there's a solution, thanks to this highchair designed especially for pets. Now, dogs can sit at the table, just like people, except that most people outside of possibly Nick Nolte refrain from licking their private parts during meals. Think how festive meals will be with your dog sitting right there next to you, barking with happiness, scratching, flatulating and drooling into your lasagna.

We believe that this highchair would also work for cats, hamsters, turtles, small goats and reasonably tame snakes. We're also confident that if you take this product along when you go out, you and your pet will receive a warm welcome at fine restaurants. (``It's OK! He's housetrained, and he has his own chair!'')