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Disaster Preparedness Activity Books

Disaster Preparedness Activity Books
Disaster Preparedness Activity Books BOB EIGHMIE

Free from FEMA Distribution Center, P.O. Box 2012, 8231 Stayton Dr., Jessup, Md. 20794-2012, 800-480-2520, www.fema.gov

Suggested by Jon Harris of Christiansburg, Va.

The holiday season is all about fun for kids, and if there's anything that will put a twinkle in a youngster's eye, it's a disaster-preparedness activity book from the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). There are several titles available, including Ready . . . Set . . . Prepare!

Granted, this is kind of like saying ''Ready . . . Set . . . Get Ready!'' But that is not the point. The point is that this is a fun book featuring the Disaster Crew, a group of ethnically diverse characters representing various disasters, including Snowy Singh, Rising Waters, ''Quake'' Johnson, Blaze Martinez, Tommy Twister, Stormy Knight and Johnny Hurricane. They explain the various kinds of disasters and present various entertaining activities such as the ''Tornado Warning Scramble.'' These activities will surely provide hours of holiday fun for the whole family:

YOU: Look! If we unscramble ''nelfun,'' we get ''funnel,'' a tornado-related word!

YOUR CHILD: I asked for a Sony PlayStation.

YOU: And look! If we unscramble ''ydwni,'' we get . . . Hey! Come back here!