Dave Barry Gift Guide

Watermelon-flavored Freud-head Lollipops

$27.95 plus shipping and handling from Archie McPhee and Company, P.O. Box 30852, Seattle, Wash. 98113, 425-349-3009; www.mcphee.com/items/11771.html

Suggested by Russell McGilvray of McAllen, Texas

This is one of those products that cause you to smack your forehead and ask, ''Why didn't I think of that moments before taking powerful and much-needed medication?'' This product, as the headline strongly suggests, is a watermelon-flavored lollipop shaped like the head of Sigmund Freud, also known as ''The Father of Modern Psychoanalytic Quackery.'' What a wonderful way to send somebody on your gift list the message: ''Happy holidays! Here's a weird thing to put in your mouth!'' You will definitely want to snap these up quickly, because they will be in short supply once whoever is making them is subdued and placed in restraints.

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