Dave Barry Gift Guide


$218 for trailer hitch and one chair from CSN Stores Inc., 800 Boylston Street, Suite 1600, Boston, Mass. 02199, 800-593-5251; http://www.csnstores.com/ Hammaka-3004-HMKA-YT1009.html

Here is the ultimate gift for the sports fan or complete raving lunatic, not that there is any great difference. This is a hammock-style chair that is suspended from the trailer hitch of a vehicle. So when you're tailgating at a sporting event, instead of having to sit on a regular boring chair placed on the ground, you can dangle from the back of your vehicle, making you the envy of all the other tailgaters, especially if they have been hitting the Bloody Marys since dawn. In fact, we see no reason, other than local, state and federal law, why you shouldn't just stay in your Tailgater chair and let somebody else drive you home, while you dangle in luxury. If the police stop your vehicle, just show them this newspaper article. You will surely get a reaction.

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