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Pillow Pal

$19.95 (for set of two) plus shipping and handling, from Golden West Enterprises, P.O. Box 1390, Magalia, Calif. 95954, http://pillow-pal.net/

Suggested by Gretchen Schmidt of Coral Gables

How often have you said to yourself: ''I need to shoot an intruder, but where the heck did I put my handgun?!'' If you buy this item, you or the armed person on your holiday gift list will always know the answer: It's in your Pillow Pal!

The Pillow Pal is a ''handy holster holder'' that hangs next to your bed. The manufacturer says that it ''might be used to hold your handgun, your stun gun, or a can of aerosol chemical agent. Or maybe you'd hang a flashlight on a belt-loop flashlight holder. Cordless/cellphones. TV or stereo remotes. Baby monitors. There are myriad possibilities with Pillow Pal.''

There surely are! In fact, you might want to get more than one Pillow Pal, so that you can have quick access to both your handgun AND your remote control. But make sure you know which one you're grabbing! You wouldn't want to be pointing your remote control at a burglar, or your handgun at your TV set! Unless you're watching American Idol.

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