Dave Barry Gift Guide

Bra Bag

$49.95 (Canadian), plus shipping and handling from Bra(g), www.bra-g.com/products.asp

Suggested by Jeff Meyerson of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Without question one of the biggest problems facing humanity today is how to carry spare brassieres. Finally, somebody has come up with a solution: The Bra Bag, or Bra(g). According to the product website, the Bra Bag will hold up to six ''C'' cup brassieres (or 'some 'D' cups''). The site also says that the Bra Bag is ''so chic, you're sure to turn a few heads when carrying it!'' You surely are. People notice a woman who takes brassiere transport seriously. And according to the manufacturer, this item is ''so fun and funky with such a cute handle -- you may even want to use the Bra(g) as a purse!'' In that case, you could use your purse to carry your spare brassieres. This is an exciting time to be a lingerie-owner.


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