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Seasoned Shot


Suggested by Gretchen DeJarnett of Davison, Mich. and many other alert readers

Ask yourself how many times you have made the following statement after killing a bird with a shotgun: ''Gosh darn it, now I have to painstakingly remove the pellets from this bird, and THEN, in a completely separate step, I have to season the bird so I can eat it! There must be an easier way!''

If that sounds like you or somebody on your holiday gift list, then you need Season Shot. It's a brilliant concept: shotgun pellets that are actually made from seasoning, so that you season the bird when you kill it! It's a great timesaver for sportspersons, but it could also come in handy if you, for whatever reason, take your shotgun with you when you dine at fine restaurants:

WAITER: How is your pheasant, sir?

YOU: To be honest, its a little under-seasoned.

WAITER: Would you like me to take it back to the kitchen?

YOU: No need for that.


According to the product website, Season Shot is accurate ''up to 45 yards.'' This is the ONLY season shot recommended by both Vice President Cheney and his elderly Texas lawyer friend.

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