Ana Veciana-Suarez

Ana Veciana-Suarez

Renew your belief in the kindness of strangers

The older I get, the more I worry about the future; not necessarily mine, but my children’s and grandchildren’s. So I made an effort this past week to focus on good tidings, on uplifting news, and I found plenty of examples to renew my belief in the kindness of strangers.

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Ana Veciana Suarez


Ana Veciana-Suarez writes a column about family, women's and social issues. She is the author of Flight to Freedom and The Chin Kiss King.

“Zombies” take part in Fantasy Fest

In Key West, the annual 10-day-long Fantasy Fest includes nearly 100 events including a tutu-required party, a pet masquerade and big parades including one packed with zombies.