Ana Veciana-Suarez

Ana Veciana-Suarez

The great literary debate: print or e-reader?

Of course reading a book in print, holding its sturdy spine in my hands and sniffing the peculiarly intoxicating scent of paper is a far better experience. Duh. That some people can’t understand the superiority of that tactile experience confounds me. I can’t imagine forgoing such a pleasure.

Ana Veciana-Suarez

Weeding is a good exercise for both body and brain

I had forgotten about the soothing qualities of being outside, the therapeutic motion of weeding that is both mindless and invigorating. I hadn’t been doing much gardening, and certainly no weeding, for a while. Allergies, lower back pain and too many activities — the bane of the modern world — had cut into the weekend time I typically allot for this chore.

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Ana Veciana Suarez


Ana Veciana-Suarez writes a column about family, women's and social issues. She is the author of Flight to Freedom and The Chin Kiss King.

Naked man shot by Virginia officer in fatal encounter

The Richmond Police Department released body-cam footage showing the moment when an erratic naked man lunged at an officer who responded by fatally shooting the suspect. The officer initially tries tasing the man but is unable to subdue the suspect.
Richmond Police Department