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Ana Veciana-Suarez

Enclosed rooms protect our authenticity

In the past few years, everyone I know who has embarked on a house remodeling project has knocked down at least one wall. Gone are the partitions separating the dining area from the kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms are the last rooms left standing in our drive for exposure.

Dave Barry

Classic ’99: How I was laid low in the red-light district

Here, as promised last week, is the second and final part of my report on the fact-finding mission I took to the Netherlands this summer to increase international understanding, a cause that as the great humanitarian Florence Nightingale so often pointed out as she toiled among the sick and wounded-is tax-deductible if you write about it.

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Want to go express from Miami to Miami Beach? Now you can

The City of Miami launches the Miami Cross Bay Express on October 18, 2018 which will run and stop at Bayside Marketplace, Frost Museum, Washington Avenue and 5th Street.