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Tabletops sparkle and shine for the holidays

Holiday centerpieces don’t have to cost a bundle. Items you might already have in the home can be repurposed to help create an elegant table.
Holiday centerpieces don’t have to cost a bundle. Items you might already have in the home can be repurposed to help create an elegant table. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Are you setting a holiday tabletop this year?

If you follow trends, it looks like it will be a terrific holiday season for sparkle, shine, gold and silver. But, if you’re looking for a cool vibe, here’s an alternative — purple and sapphire jewel tones.

“Mixing metals such as gold and silver and incorporating rustic elements like twigs, bark-covered containers and vintage metal are popular decorating tabletop ideas,” says Tamsin Mascetti, owner and interior designer of Tamsin Design Group in Maplewood, Missouri.

Mascetti suggests getting away from the traditional red and green hues and try adding purple and sapphire jewel tones. “Always start with the holiday basics first: evergreen branches, lights, some kind of metallic and then add your color.”

This year, Mascetti has chosen sapphire blue and chartreuse for her fireplace mantle design.

“Add lots of bling,” she adds. All kinds of great holiday decorating items are available now with metallic, glass beading, glitter and lights. You can bring out the sparkle on your holiday table setting with clear glass vases or bowls. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to decorate.

“We designed a holiday tabletop with gold and silver pieces for our display floor,” says Anne Carr, manager at Miriam Switching Post, an upscale resale store in Maplewood.

“I guess we were hip on the design.” They had an entire room of donated holiday items in the basement. Volunteers at the store had to be creative as they rummaged through the gently used festive and sparkly items. They managed to decorate a gold and silver-themed table setting with pieces that complemented one another.

“Fresh flowers always make a table look like you went that extra step to create something special,” says Mascetti. Flowers do not need to be expensive or complicated. Use containers you have, from your grandma’s antique silver cups, to glass vessels or even mason jars you have around the house. We wish you the best in your holiday decorating.

Here’s a few budget-friendly ideas for holiday tabletops.

▪ If you have clear glass pillar candle holders use them as a centerpiece by placing an ornament upside down into the candle opening.

▪ If you have marbles around the house, pour them into a narrow glass vessel and add one floral stem to create a small-size centerpiece.

▪ Use pine cones in different glass vessels to create a natural centerpiece. Spray paint the cones silver or gold for an elegant style.

▪ Fill a glass bowl with fake snow (available at most craft stores) and add your favorite mini ornaments.

▪ Find some twigs in your yard and spray-paint them gold or silver, or spray them with fake snow for a quick centerpiece.

▪ Holiday lights and inexpensive candles can quickly create a warm and inviting space in the center of the table.

▪ Start with your favorite silver platter or grandma’s heirloom piece. Add a holiday statue, candles and any other fun holiday-themed pieces to create a personalized centerpiece.

▪ Display some of your favorite greeting cards on a tiered platter and place it in the center of your table.

▪ Take a small square glass candy dish and line the inside with candy canes. Then, cut fresh red carnations down to size and place in the center of the vase.

▪ Purchase snowflake stickers (available at most craft stores) and stick them on glass bowls. Then, add your favorite colorful candles.

▪ Silver and gold holiday tabletop: The table was designed by volunteers at the Miriam Switching Post in Maplewood. One-of-a-kind items include silver deer statues ($20 each) little reindeers ($8 each), a box of gold wooden ornaments ($2 for a box of 24), white dinnerware with gold trim ($20 for an eight-place setting of plates and salad plates) and parfait glasses ($15 for nine glasses). They used donated gold ribbon to fan out around the place settings.

▪ If you already have a fall floral arrangement on your table, simply add a gold or silver sequined stem for a burst of holiday style.

▪ Sparkle and purple tabletop: Tall glass cylinder ($24.99) at Hobby Lobby, two pine sprigs ($9.95 each) at Crate & Barrel, 1 the Boulevard, water goblets ($11.95 each) at Crate & Barrel, stainless steel chargers ($12.95 each) at Crate & Barrel, silver pine cones on top of napkins ($19.99 for a box of 20 cones) at Hobby Lobby, purple snowflakes ($2.98 for a box of 20) at Wal-Mart, purple ornaments ($8.98 for a box of 41 ornaments) at Wal-Mart, silver and green cloth dinner napkins ($3.95 to $4.95 each) at Crate & Barrel, battery-operated crystal branch on tabletop ($49.50) at Pottery Barn, Plaza Frontenac, white dinnerware plates ($9.99 for a four plates) and white salad plates ($7.99 for four plates) at TJ Maxx, glitter icy branch in vase ($29.50) at Pottery Barn and potterybarn.com.

▪ If you have clear glass pillar candle holders, use them as a centerpiece by placing an ornament upside down into the candle opening. We found these glass candle holders ($4.99 to $9.99) at Hobby Lobby.