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Call this decorating trend an orange crush

The Hug chaise from Jessica Charles makes an ideal napping spot on the patio and is a real show-stopper in orange.
The Hug chaise from Jessica Charles makes an ideal napping spot on the patio and is a real show-stopper in orange. TNS

While orange is considered a “hot” color, it is really cool and calming. Perhaps that’s why the color has staying power, just like soda pop. Tangerine Tango was an instant hit when it was introduced in 2012 as Pantone’s color of the year. People embraced all versions of orange far better than the previous year’s Honeysuckle, a bubblegum pink shocker.

Orange has become one of our classic neutral colors. Women’s closets that were once a sea of black and white now host islands of orange clothing, handbags and shoes.

In home decor, never has a bright-and-bold color — not even red — had quite the same effect on designers and homeowners. Today’s orange shades range from a warm yellow-orange that brightens a navy blue room to a softer melon orange that blends beautifully on any patio.

Orange is a natural when used outdoors. It goes with all of Mother Nature’s greens and floral colors. Red clashes with yellow flowers, cheapening their impact and impression. Orange puts a sunny face on a bed of yellow flowers just as perfectly as it heats up a container of red geraniums. This is why I love the pale orange and white lounge furniture by O.W. Lee.

Indoors, orange is easy to decorate with and harmonizes with many color groups. My favorite pairings are with gray, navy, sky blue, white, taupe, browns and pinks. Manufacturers are responding to the demand for orange with great fabrics in solids and prints.

A real show-stopper is the Hug Chaise by Jessica Charles. Part fainting couch and lounge recliner with gentle button tufting, it is suitably named because it hugs you in the most comfortable manner. Its slight S-curve design helps it conform to a body’s curvature.

Don’t think of orange just for furniture. Consider painting your walls, or one wall, a mellow shade of orange. Furnish that room with blue or taupe pieces. Be sure to bring a little more of the orange back into the room through pillows, rugs, lamps or even a bowl of oranges right from the market.

Designer and home improvement expert Vicki Payne is host and producer of “For Your Home,” available on PBS, Create TV and in national and international syndication. Reach her at ForYourHome.com.