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Strappy furniture: Don’t sentence it to a life outside

FOR INDOORS: The Soren chair from New Pacific Direct has leather cushions, a walnut frame and straps.
FOR INDOORS: The Soren chair from New Pacific Direct has leather cushions, a walnut frame and straps. TNS

Last year’s shoes featured rows and rows of straps. Well, fashion is always just a step ahead of home decor. So it was a delight to see furniture and home accessories with that same fetching attention to detail at the spring furniture market in High Point in April.

The beauty of strappy furniture is in its ability to float in space. Indoors or out, open weave construction has an airy appeal. Made Goods introduced a dramatic Elizabethan-style chair called Aurora. A metal base and synthetic rattan straps, teak legs and weatherproof fabric create a chair that is not only fashion-forward, but that can stand up to the elements. Available in white or brown, it shouldn’t be limited to the outdoors.

Strictly indoors, the Soren Chair by New Pacific Direct combines black leather cushions, a walnut frame and lots of straps crossed in a diamond pattern. Midcentury modern decors can benefit greatly from its round shape. The chair’s styling can soften the edges of more angular upholstered furnishings most often seen in this style of decor.

Lighting was not to be outdone. Currey and Company, one of the longtime trendsetters, introduced several strappy numbers. The Trellis chandelier, made from wrought iron, was finished in the soft brass patina called Cupertino.

Currey’s Cooksbridge pendant combines a shade of clear glass bead straps with an outer frame of black washed metal straps. Measuring 14 inches in diameter, it is preferred for the kitchen or a small hallway. The style works beautifully with industrial decor, still a hot trend, or in a contemporary setting.

Nesting tables with strappy bases were everywhere at the market. An all-time decorators’ favorite, these little workhorses have great versatility. There were strappy slender table bases of woven gold, silver and black metal.

Straps also provide pattern and texture, two of the most important elements in more monochromatic rooms and aren’t as challenging as trying to match a printed fabric pattern. You have introduced interesting objects that blend with their surroundings without fighting for attention.

I prefer decorating trends that allow everyone to play along without spending a fortune. It’s easy to bring this trend into your home with a few well-placed accessories. Look for wire baskets with a strong vertical or horizontal weave, but not a combination of the two.

Photo frames or wall mirrors constructed of wire strips, leather straps or buckle accents can help carry the look into your existing decor. Just don’t overdo it. One such accessory on a coffee table, fireplace mantel or bookshelf is all you need. Too many and the trend gets lost in clutter.

Color is another key element. For chairs, dark colors as well as white create that floating effect. Bright tones such as red or yellow stand out from the landscape. If you want to make a statement, go bold. When you’re trying to fit more into a small space, go dark or white.

Your wardrobe needs a new pair of shoes each season to give it a lift. So does your home’s decor. Try a new strappy chair, table or chandelier. You may find this new trend is the perfect fit.

Designer and home improvement expert Vicki Payne is host and producer of “For Your Home,” available on PBS, Create TV and in national and international syndication. Reach her at ForYourHome.com.