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9 creative ways to display vacation souvenirs

Instead of letting your summer vacation memories fade with your souvenirs into the back of a closet, make your travel mementos a part of your home decor. Here are some do-it-yourself ideas for giving your travel tokens a permanent place in your home.

▪ Travel gallery wall: Display art, photos or postcards from your vacation destinations in mismatched frames to create a gallery wall that not only looks chic but reminds you of your travels.

▪ Homemade jewelry: Bring home a small seashell with a hole in it, paint it gold and string it on a chain for a homemade necklace that will bring back vacation memories.

▪ Memory jars: Save used glass jars and fill them with photos, trinkets, currency, sand — whatever you bring back from your trip. Display the memory jars throughout your home or together on a shelf.

▪ Photo letters shadowbox: Use a photo-editing program to print vacation photos in the shape of letters spelling your destination (see Photoshop alphabet frames from designaglowshop.com) and frame it in a shadowbox along with a display of souvenirs.

▪ Christmas ornament: Fill clear glass ornaments with souvenirs from your vacations to turn your Christmas tree into a travel scrapbook.

▪ Vacation box: Paint a wooden box, decoupage a map onto the top of the lid and fill it with vacation mementos. After each trip, add a box to the stack.

▪ Pressed pennies map: If you collect pressed pennies from tourist destinations, chances are they’re stashed in various drawers and boxes around your house. Bring them together and display them on a framed map to document the places you’ve been.

▪ Dish towel: Create a souvenir dish towel using a menu from a favorite restaurant you visited on vacation. See the tutorial from Women’s Day magazine at www.womansday.com/in-this-issue/souvenir-ideas.

▪ More ideas: Send a postcard to yourself, decorate with postcards, matte your photos with maps and see our Pinterest board at www.pinterest.com/freshMKE/vacation-souvenir-crafts for more inspiration.