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Metal furniture clicks with almost any decor style

New designs from the Las Vegas summer furniture market include the Swelle Side Table.
New designs from the Las Vegas summer furniture market include the Swelle Side Table. MCT

Metal is the one material that can be fashioned into any form and fit beautifully into any decor. It can partner with wood, glass, fabric, leather, stone or tiles to create almost any furniture accessory. It is timeless. It can be finished in an unlimited variety of colors and textures. It requires little to no maintenance. It can stand up to a rough-and-tumble household and still look great. It’s easy to store and travels well. What more could a designer ask for?

When the team at Noir gave me a sneak peak at the company’s newest additions, I was thrilled to see all the wonderful metal pieces.

I love that metal furniture doesn’t have to be the center of attention. It is perfectly happy to fill an empty corner or provide a handy spot to set down a drink, a perch at the kitchen counter or storage for collections.

Unlike certain wood finishes, metal blends with any style. For example, it’s hard to use pine with midcentury modern decor, but metal fits in perfectly.

Noir’s new Fil Chair has the clean lines of midcentury modern but adds a quirky see-through quality that makes it appear to float in space. And just in case you were thinking about it, don’t add a throw pillow; it will destroy its airy appeal.

Need a new bar? Why not the Edinger Console? Sized at 39 by 14.5 inches with two shelves, it offers ample space for all your party beverages and glasses. But it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be used indoors or on a covered terrace or porch. Its antique gold finish is fun and fancy at the same time.

For most of us, our first storage place was a school locker. That same serviceable concept has been reinterpreted into the Meglia Cabinet. Its slim design offers space for lots of books, collectibles and hidden storage without the bulk of school lockers. It can fit in well with the popular industrial decor or Paris chic. I’d love to see it in a bathroom filled with white towels and soaps or perhaps in the kitchen to store dishes and serving pieces.

Metal can be the right choice when you need a little side table. Noir’s Swelle Side Table softens the hard angles with a gentle scalloped edge.

The uses for a table this size, 26 by 19 inches, are endless. It makes a nice side companion for a chair, or place it next to a bed or in the bathroom to hold extra towels and accessories.

Your attic, garage or local flea market may hold an array of metal furniture that you can refresh with a coat of paint and recycle into your home’s decor.

Whether you’re purchasing new or shopping for a deal, metal furniture is one of the best values for your dollar.

Designer Vicki Payne is host and producer of “For Your Home,” available on PBS, Create TV and in national and international syndication. Reach her at ForYourHome.com.