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10 new furniture trends you may not have tried yet

We’re always on the lookout for new furniture shapes, fabrics, textures and emerging decor trends, and lately several have popped up in our Pinterest feed. From bedding styles to plumbing fixtures, the 10 trends below have us freshly inspired — but how many have you incorporated into your own decor? See what we’re loving:

▪ Hexagonal shapes: No longer confined to tiles and geometric fabric prints, hexagonal shapes are appearing in bar stools, accent furniture, and even dining tables. We love the subtle graphic quality these pieces bring to a space.

▪ Perforated metal: Pierced metal has been around for some time — French designer Mathieu Mategot used it frequently in his 1950s furniture designs. Now, thanks to contemporary designers like Kelly Wearstler, the technique is making a comeback with contemporary lines and shapes. We love the luxe texture it adds to any room.

▪ Modern marble: We’re all for a touch of classic marble, but we can’t help but notice the increased presence of statement installations, where the luxe material is covering entire walls, floors, counters and ceilings, all in exotic colors and unique veining patterns. If you’re looking to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with a book-matched installation (where the veins perfectly align in a mirror-like pattern) for a unique look.

▪ Sculptural flowers: We often use sculptural buds like protea and sea holly in the floral arrangements at our photo shoots because we love the unique spin they bring to the scene. Now we’re seeing these sculptural beauties pop up in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Mix them in with softer flowers in similar hues for a fantastic play on texture and color.

▪ Mirror on mirror: Talk about visually enlarging a space! We’re seeing more and more designers and home decorators opt to display bathroom and accent mirrors over other mirrored surfaces, and, we must say, we’re smitten. This layered, luxe look adds character to any space, and it’s a great option for renters or homeowners looking to modernize a dated mirrored wall.

▪ Smoked glass: Glass furniture, lighting and tabletops will never go out of style, but we love the resurgence of retro-influenced gray and smoked-glass pieces. The unusual color adds distinct personality, while injecting sexiness into a room’s overall design.

▪ All-linen bedding: Percale and sateen have had their days. Now, however, we’re seeing not only duvets and shams in Belgian linen, but sheet sets and throw pillows as well. The consistent texture allows for more freedom to play with colors, while still maintaining a cohesive bed style.

▪ High-contrast tile: Sure, patterned concrete tile is nothing new, but the use of such tiles in wall applications in high-contrast, geometric, black-and-white combinations is a fresh take on an old concept. Try it as a kitchen backsplash, or on the walls of a kids’ bathroom for a unique and on-trend statement.

▪ Matte black fixtures: Graphic, unique and eye-catching, matte black bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures are stealing our hearts. The modern appeal of the finish is a nice change from the chrome and brass pieces we’re so used to seeing.

▪ Black trim: Painting your window trim and frames black simultaneously adds vintage appeal and modern vibes to a space, while adding graphic intrigue and architectural interest.