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These $25 beach chairs can cost fingertips, too.

Two of the MYSINGSO beach chair models recalled by Ikea
Two of the MYSINGSO beach chair models recalled by Ikea

Six fingertip amputations worldwide prompted a beach chair recall by Ikea.

The MYSINGSO beach chairs, sold for $25 at Ikea until December, have a simple design — a foldable wood base with polyester fabric tautly forming the seat. But the chair can collapse.

Ikea says injuries resulted in 10 of the 13 worldwide reports of collapse the company has received. Six of those, including one in the United States, involved fingertip amputations.

So, customers with chair model Nos. 902.280.08; 302.580.79; 502.851.66; 802.873.95; 002.931.40; 303.120.24; 503.120.23; and 003.120.25 are asked to bring them back to Ikea for exchange or refund.

The recall announcement on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website indicates Ikea puts the problem mainly on incorrect assembly. It notes that the replacement chairs “have plastic stoppers that prevent incorrect re-assembly.”

Consumers with questions on the recall can call Ikea 24 hours a day at 888-966-4532, or go to ikea.com

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