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A new acne treatment option you can get for free

Acne can be a struggle for teenagers, as well as adults. Finding the right treatment can involve trial and error, as well as side effects such as dryness, redness and irritation. Getting acne under control often requires over-the-counter products and prescription-based drugs.

I recently came across a new prescription option called Onexton that has been working wonders for my patients.

Diet (especially dairy and sugar), hormone levels and stress can all contribute to acne, but there are three distinct skin-related causes. First, oil glands produce sebum that contains acne-causing components. Second, the pores become clogged with dead skin cells, oil, dirt, sunscreen and makeup. Third, the bacteria that causes acne (P. acnes) results in clogged pores, inflammation and redness. To successfully treat acne, it’s important to decrease oil production, prevent pore clogging and decrease the bacteria.

Topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide have a proven track record for improving blackheads, whiteheads and other acne lesions because these ingredients target the bacteria and inflammation associated with breakouts. Antibiotics alone aren’t usually enough, and many benzoyl peroxide products are harsh on the skin, but the combination and concentrations in Onexton seem to deliver results with one daily application (and without the side effects).

If you’ve tried treating your acne with over-the-counter products and have yet to see clearing, a visit to your dermatologist is in order. Onexton is covered by insurance.

If you have other dermatological concerns that could benefit from a prescription treatment, a pharmacy called Philidor is offering many medications at very reduced prices this month.

If you’re reading this and thinking that you’ll make a dermatologist appointment when you have the time, consider these reasons to do it sooner rather than later. It can take up to eight weeks to see results from a new treatment regimen, and that takes you into the beginning of 2016.

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Dr. Leslie Baumann is a board-certified dermatologist and CEO of Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute in Miami.