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Here are a few lasting beauty tricks for women over 60

Many of my patients over 60 tell me that they feel excluded from beauty articles that tell you what to do in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s and stop there. I agree that the advice should extend to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s — because these age groups deserve specific recommendations.

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Dr. Leslie Baumann

These four beauty fixes are my top suggestions for women over 60 who want to freshen up their look before the holidays and the New Year. I chose them because they make it easier to just get up and go in the morning and look your best with minimal effort.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a bit of an effort because you need to redo them every two to three weeks. But when done properly, they look beautiful and you don’t have to wear mascara. This will save you time every morning. If your eyelids are droopy, the extensions can help to hold them up if you do not want to have surgery on your upper lids. The downside is that it costs $200 to $550 for the first set, and $100 to $150 every three weeks after your initial appointment.

I go to Alexandra at Sultry Lash on Miami Beach. She’s a true artist and the lashes look real.

If you don’t have the time, money or patience for this, I have options for you.

  • Try the One Two Lash magnetic lashes, whose inventor, Katy Stoka, lives in Miami Beach. They are ingenious, lightweight, comfortable, and cost about $70 to $90 for a set. You put these on and easily remove them yourself.

  • Ask your doctor for a prescription for Latisse, a medication that you use daily like an eyeliner to make your lashes grow. The cost is $120 to $140.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup can make your life easier, but you must find an artist who uses the proper type of pigment that will not fade to a strange color. Permanent makeup can be used to fill in your eyebrows, put color back in the lips, and give you eye liner. The color tends to disappear in the outline of the lips, making them look smaller as you get older, and lipstick tracks up the “bar code” wrinkles on the upper lips.

As our vision changes, it gets harder to apply eye makeup and lip liner correctly. Permanent makeup will allow you to look your best with less effort and no bleeding of lipstick up the wrinkle lines. Diane Makish is a well-known tattoo makeup artist to whom I have referred patients for over a decade. She is a former makeup artist who combines pigments to achieve the most natural colors that will last longer and not change to a strange color. She is known for her reconstructive work on patients disfigured after surgical treatments. She first creates the look in regular makeup and then once you approve it, she performs the permanent application procedure. The cost depends on the areas to be treated.

Make your hair color last longer and look more vibrant

I’m a redhead and have to color my hair every two weeks because it fades so easily. I sometimes feel that my hair salon — Salon Ethos in Midtown — is my home away from home. I was thrilled when owners Evan and Brian had me try a new product that literally made my life easier. It is a shampoo called GEM LITES by Celeb that, after one shampoo, gives me the same intense hair color that I previously had to go to the salon for. (I think it costs about $30 to $35). It is a new technology that binds the color to the hair shaft. It is SO MUCH better than previous shampoos that claimed to deposit color on the hair. It comes in many colors. I love the Fire Opal (I have to warn you, this color is not for the faint-hearted — it’s really bright). Consult with Brian and Evan to find the right color for you before you use it, because it has lasting power.

Get rid of ugly, itchy brown skin spots

Noncancerous spots on the skin caused by the sun come in two forms: flat or raised. Flat brown spots on the skin are sunspots, also referred to as “solar lentigos.” They can be easily removed with one or two $500 treatments with the GentleMax laser. Raised, rough spots, often called “barnacles” by my patients, are seborrheic keratosis or SKs. These are not as easily removed. In the past, they were frozen off with liquid nitrogen spray and took several treatments and weeks to heal. SKs are not a medical concern and their treatment is not covered by insurance. They are unsightly, often itchy, and will continue to get larger and uglier if not removed. There is a new FDA-approved treatment for SKs called ESKATA. ESKATA is painted on the SK with an applicator in the office. It usually requires one to three treatments and it takes about one to two weeks for the scab to fall off. The cost is about $400 for seven lesions each visit.

Bottom line

These beauty tips will make you feel better, look better, and will decrease the time that it takes you to get ready for events. If you want to look good for the holidays, these are a great place to start! For the men, don’t worry. I will write one for you soon!

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