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A new treatment for a double chin

We have seen some incredible advances in cosmetic dermatology over the past few years. In addition to new fillers designed for more targeted uses like restoring volume to the mid-face and smoothing super-fine lines, the main area of innovation has been non-invasive fat-melting.

Not too long ago, liposuction was the only way to eliminate stubborn fat, but not everyone wants to undergo surgery. Then, ultrasound treatments like Liposonix and UltraShape gave us an entirely new way to battle bulges and refine our silhouettes—and now Kybella is doing the same for double chins.

According to a 2014 survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 68 percent of consumers are bothered by submental fullness, which is the medical term for a double chin. Kybella is the first-of-its-kind injectable treatment that reduces fat under the chin over a series of treatments, and it offers results that are comparable to surgery without the downtime or risks.

Comprised of a non-animal version of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that breaks down dietary fat in the body, Kybella allows physicians to selectively target the fat beneath the chin that detracts from an otherwise balanced and harmonious facial appearance. This fat is often resistant to diet and exercise, and is most influenced by age and genetics.

I performed the clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of Kybella, so I’ve been using it for almost three years—and I am so excited to offer this treatment to my patients who are bothered by a double chin. When combined with other injectables, lasers and skin-tightening treatments for the face, Kybella helps us target an area we once couldn’t for more comprehensive results—and a sleeker, more youthful profile.

Kythera, the company behind Kybella, hasn’t announced its pricing or when it will be in doctors’ offices, but I’m confident it will be available by the end of the year. Stay tuned for updates!

Dr. Leslie Baumann is a board-certified dermatologist, New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute in Miami.

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