Plastic Surgery 101

When seeking injections, make sure you have qualified injector

Q. I'm exasperated. I want to do something to my face but everywhere I go I see all these weird distorted people with ridiculous lips and cheeks. Is there anyway I can do something to my face without looking like those people?

A. The answer is a big resounding YES. It's all about finding the right doctor with the appropriate technique. Unfortunately, patients don't consider noninvasive and injectable products as real medicine. Like a scalpel, these are instruments to be used properly. Not all surgeons are technically skillful, nor are all injectors the same.

Just like you would interview a surgeon who's going to operate on you, you should interview a person that is going to inject substances into you. Injections are not “just injections” when they can make you look weird or cause damage.

Your best bet for finding the right physician is the following: Choose among a group of board-certified facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, ocular-plastic surgeons or dermatologist. From this list you should be able to find a qualified doctor. While waiting in the waiting room, observe who's coming in and who's going out to see the “character” of what the doctor does. And finally, look at the doctor and the staff, if they look strange, exit stage left!

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at