Plastic Surgery 101

Want to look good for New Year’s? Drink water!

Q. I'm desperate! I've got a big party for New Year's Eve and I need to look great. What can I do that will get me ready for the big day?

A. Drink heavily and take an Uber! What I mean by drinking heavily is hydrate with H20. By drinking a lot of fluids you hydrate your skin, which will make it look better. If that doesn't completely work I would do a hydra facial treatment. A hydra facial treatment hydrates and exfoliates your skin and generally makes it look significantly better.

In addition, my go-to first line of defense is Botox or dysport. If you only have a few days I would use disport as it works faster than Botox. If you have about a week or more before your event, it's your choice. Botox or diysport will give you a much fresher look, getting rid of many of the wrinkles and elevating your eyebrows with a brow lift. The elevation that can be accomplished, with a expert injector, will make you feel and good look fabulous for the New Year's.

If you have more than one week prior to New Year's Eve, then you can use fillers to augment your cheeks, lips and fill-in lines. As far as any other forms of treatment, I would wait until after the New Year's to begin your New Year's enhancement!

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at