Plastic Surgery 101

You can have a nose job and keep a part of your nose

Q. I'm thinking of having a nose job but I'm having a real dilemma. I have a bump on my nose and it is very wide. I want to take down the bump but I still want to have some of it left over. I also want to make my nose thinner. Is that possible or is it all or none?

A. If you ask a question, you know there's going to be an answer! Yes, it's possible to do both things, but it's a little more complicated. I frequently have patients who, because of their family heritage, want to have a nose job but do not want to wipe it out completely. For these patients, it is very important to carefully go over what they want. One way of assuring success is to do photo imaging (morphing) of what the patient likely would get. Whoever does the photo imaging should be the person who is doing the surgery. In other words, don't have the physician’s assistant do the photo imaging.

It also is important that the patient and the physician talk very carefully as to what they want. During the photo imaging session, the patient and the physician should have a Plan B should the doctor not be able to completely get the planned results. I frequently will ask the patient if I can't give them exactly what they want, should I err on the side of leaving more or taking more? This is a critical question because sometimes due to the anatomy and the nature of the bones such a situation may result.

While your question may sound crazy to many people who are reading this column, it is more common than you might think. With the popularity of plastic surgery procedures and specifically nasal surgery, patients want to create a new nose but not necessarily a perfect one!

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at