Plastic Surgery 101

I want to look like my Snapchat photo (with filter). How can I tell if a plastic surgeon can deliver this?

Q. I just did a selfie picture with a Snapchat filter. I like the way it looks. Is it possible to look like that?

A. I often get this question.

Selfies are definitely something that every facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, dermatologist and any doctor has to deal with. My attitude is the more I know what my patients want, the more likely I can deliver the results they want.

The converse is also true: The more I know that my patients’ expectations are impossible, the easier it is for me to tell them that I’m not the right surgeon for them. After all, a successful doctor picks patients to optimize their results.

Since I don’t know what your selfie looks like, here is my advice: Take your filtered picture to your doctor of choice. Pick two or three doctors who are board certified in the procedure you want to have done.

Show them your picture during the consultation and ask them if it’s a realistic expectation. If they say it’s possible, then you may have found your doctor. Why not a firm”you found your doctor,” because not all doctors can deliver on their promise. So, choose carefully and do your research!