Plastic Surgery 101

Be careful in choosing a Botox doctor

Q. My friend just had Botox because she wanted to have her brows lifted. She said it was the most horrible experience of her life. She ended up having droopy eyebrows for over three months. I know this is not suppose to happen so what can you tell me that would make me want to do Botox?

A. It wasn’t the Botox; it was the injector. When having neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport and Xiomen administered, the most important part of the procedure is who is doing your procedure. Facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons and some oral surgeons are the most experienced physicians in facial anatomy. To do noninvasive procedures in the face, it is imperative that the anatomy be well understood and well studied prior to initiating a practice.

Because medicine has changed and reimbursement from insurance companies have dropped dramatically, there are many physicians getting into the “new” field of aesthetic medicine because it pays. If you look at the different types of physicians who are entering this space they include urologists, anesthesiologists, general practice medical doctors and dentists. Miami has truly become the Wild West of medicine.

So start by selecting a well-trained physician in any the specialties I enumerated above, under the category of well trained. Make sure they have experience in using Botox. Ask a lot of questions about their training doing Botox and what side effects you can expect. There are many well-trained, good physicians who can perform this procedure for you. Do your homework and you'll appreciate and enjoy your results.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at: