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Post-surgery wrinkles, jelly in eyes usually go away in time

Q: I had my upper and lower eye surgery approximately three or four weeks ago and while I am happy that I have no more bags I am concerned that I have a lot more wrinkles. In addition to that, I have this jelly in my eyes. Is it normal or am I going to stay like this forever?

A: Funny you should ask. This past week, I had a patient very similar to you. This is not normal, it happens rather infrequently. The good news is that it will all go away with time. Let me explain: When you have upper and lower eyelid surgery, it really is four separate surgeries done at the same time. Each eye is really two individual surgical sites so it’s really amazing that eye surgery generally goes so well so often.

Carlos Wolf 2018
Dr. Carlos Wolf

The jelly you are seeing is really the swelling of the outer skin of the eyeball itself. The swelling is a result of inflammation from having had the fat pads removed. It always resolves on its own and in 30 years I have never had to do anything other than hold the patient’s hand until it went away.

The wrinkling you are talking about forms as the skin contracts. It’s worse between the fourth and fifth week and soon resolved over the next six to eight weeks. I generally inform all my patients about all these possibilities, but they frequently forget. My advice to patients is that this will resolve and if they have a big event, they should plan on a four-to-five-week recovery. Most patients can return to work 8 to 10 days from date of surgery. The most important thing to note is that this is usually a very satisfying operation for patients when done by a well-trained and well-qualified board-certified facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon.

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