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How soon after a nose job can you go back to exercising?

Q: I had a rhinoplasty done about six months ago. I am very active in college and I play soccer as well. I’m concerned that if I hit my nose it will break easier. Is that true and when can I start exercising?

A: Ideally, you should ask your own doctor. I will, however, tell you what I tell my patients after they’ve had a rhinoplasty: that they should do nothing for about a week. They can start doing reasonable daily activities after that. Generally, I tell my patients who've had rhinoplasty that at one month they can do everything normally. Of course, my patients are reluctant, but they do it anyway.

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Dr. Carlos Wolf

When you undergo rhinoplasty, your nose will continue to be swollen for up to one year. At about nine months to one year, your nose will have minimal-to-no swelling. Your nasal bones, however, will be strong at about one month.

In younger patients, the nasal bone will be set within one to two weeks; by four weeks it will be as strong as it will ever be. That isn’t to say that if you hit your nose hard it won’t break. You have the same risk of breaking your nose after one month as you would if you had never had your nose done.

My advice is to follow your doctor‘s directions and if they have not been clear about what you should do, the above directions will help you make decisions about contact sports.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at Follow him at @CarlosWolfMD.