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Body fat often successfully reduced with nonsurgical procedures

Q: I had liposuction a few years ago and I have these bumps around my belly and on the side of my hips. What do you think happened and is there anything I could do short of having surgery?

A: Sometimes when people have liposuction, the skin does not contract but more likely the fat was not removed. These little accumulations of fat look like bumps, and often are unsightly. In the past, the only way to correct these defects was to have a revision surgery where some of the fat would be removed via liposuction.

Now there are several options that do not require surgery. Several devices using different types of energy can be used to remove or make the fat appear smaller. CoolSculpting, which freezes the fat, is very effective for this situation. There are other heating devices that essentially make the fat disappear. In addition, Ultherapy, while not FDA approved for this, may also help. It uses ultrasound to melt away the fat.

Carlos Wolf 2018
Dr. Carlos Wolf

One of the newest modalities that is effective for this situation is Kybella, a chemical that when injected destroys the fat cells. By damaging the cells, the fat is destroyed and will not come back permanently. The procedure is very easy as it involves small injections into the areas of fat. The area will get inflamed for 3 to 4 days, and soon resolve. After about six weeks you can see the final result.

Kybella should be injected carefully so as not to cause a depression. This procedure is FDA approved to remove of fat from under the chin and get rid of a double chin. It is very effective and safe. Kybella may be used for many other purposes such as bra fat, small pockets of fat throughout the body and even in patients who’ve had fat injections into their face and eyes. Naturally it should only be used by medical practitioner who are experienced in its use. Kyby is not FDA approved for these uses, but has been used for them very effectively.

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