Plastic Surgery 101

Is a facelift needed to remove extra skin and fat from under the chin?

Dr. Carlos Wolf
Dr. Carlos Wolf

Q. I have a lot of extra skin and fat under my chin. I’m only 28 years old — do I have to have a facelift to correct this?

A. The quick answer is no, you do not. There are many other options you can use at your age. If you’re looking for something that is noninvasive, you may use Ultherapy, a treatment that can reduce some of the fat around your face and tighten the skin at the same time. It is generally done as a one-time treatment and may last up to two years with little to no downtime.

Cool sculpting and Kybella are treatments that reduce the fat and at the same time make the skin contract to form better around your chin. These may require one or two treatments and remove the fat from underneath your neck. Your neck contour will improve dramatically if your skin has good elasticity.

If surgery is the only method for you, neck liposuction alone or with excision of skin works very well. This is a one-hour procedure with about one-week recovery time. It can be done with local anesthesia and sedation. You do not need a general anesthetic. This graduated method works very well for young patients. If, however, you have lost a massive amount of weight and you have a lot of excess skin, you may require a facelift.

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