Plastic Surgery 101

There’s more than one way to correct droopy brows

Q. I went to see a doctor because I thought my brows were very droopy. I have a very big forehead and he told me the only way he could do that surgery was an endoscopic forehead lift. I'm worried because even though I told him about my concerns of my large forehead he told me that there was no other way to do it. Can you tell me if that's true and what my options are?

A. I'm sure that over the years you've heard the saying, “There are more ways than one way to skin a cat.’’ In this case, there is more than one way to operate on a patient. Your concerns about a large four head are correct. If that physician would have done an endoscopic forehead lift on you and elevate your brows 1 cm, it would also have elevated your hairline 1 cm.

You have several options to improve your forehead. You can have a forehead lift chemically by using Botox or Dysport. You have to find a physician who is competent in this technique as they are not routinely done. Using Botox or Dysport will give you a forehead lift that will last approximately three to four months and will not change your hairline position.

If you want something more permanent, you can get a direct brow lift. A direct brow lift is done by making an incision above the eyebrow and removing skin. This is an effective way to do a brow lift, however it has some drawbacks, which should be discussed with your physician.

The last technique is making an incision directly in the hairline, which allows you to do a brow lift without changing the hairline. This technique is excellent for your problem. There is potential for a scar or consideration of a future receding hairline. Before you do any procedure you should consult with two physicians and get their opinions — that way you will be clear on what are your best options.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at: