Plastic Surgery 101

When considering Botox, look for an experienced injector

Q. All my friends are doing Botox and they look fantastic. I would like to do Botox but about five years ago I did it and it was scary. My brows became droopy and I could not put on my makeup. The doctor told me I had an allergic reaction and I've kept away from it ever since. What is your opinion of his assessment and what type of doctor should I go to?

A. The likelihood that you were allergic is slim to none. You more than likely had a bad injector put Botox in the wrong place, which caused your drooping. I often hear patients who come to me and are scared to have any injectable material in their face because of a bad experience. Obviously, the key to having a good experience with Botox and other facial injectables is finding a qualified physician with experience as an injector. It is possible to have some mild drooping and other reactions when using facial injectables, but it’s not very common.

The question is how do you pick a qualified physician? You should find a physician who specializes and has been well trained in these products. Because these injections are lucrative, many physicians who are otherwise not trained or a minimally trained have entered the aesthetic arena. In general, facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and oculoplastic surgeons are the physicians who have been trained and have the most experience with facial injections.

An entire array of physicians — gynecologists, urologists and dentists, to name a few — have decided the money is too good not to be doing these injections. If you choose to see any of these physicians, you should ask questions about their training, how long have they been injecting, and what kind of complications have they had. Facial injectables are not without complication and certainly with the expense of these injectables, having good results should be a realistic expectation.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at