Plastic Surgery 101

Yes, you can smile without looking like a giant set of teeth

Before and after with a condition called gummy smile.
Before and after with a condition called gummy smile.

Q. Every time I smile, I look like I have a giant set of teeth. Is there anything I could do short of surgery for that?

A. There is a very simple solution for this problem. Generally, the problem you have is called a gummy smile (GS). It is when your upper lip elevators are very hyperactive. Because Botox and Dysport work on the contraction of the muscle, these two injectibles are great treatments for this condition.

When you seek treatment for this problem, it is very important that you select someone who has extensive experience in injecting Botox and Dysport around the face. If the injector does not know the anatomy nor the quantity to inject, you may end up with a very weird smile that will last approximately three months.

When I see patients who have this problem, I inject them incrementally in order to get the right amount. Each patient is different, as is each smile.

The results of this procedure are spectacular when you consider that the other option is extensive maxillofacial surgery, which is expensive, has a long recovery period and may not work.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at