Plastic Surgery 101

Yes, you can redo a bad nose job

Q. I had my nose done many years ago. I'm having trouble breathing and I don't like the pinched look I have at the tip of my nose. Is there anything I can do now 20 years later?

A. Even after so many years, there is a solution. Revision surgery of the nose is not that uncommon. Nasal surgery is a complicated procedure, often done by inexperienced surgeons. Because surgery of the nose is complicated, less than desirable results can occur. In choosing a surgeon for your revision surgery, you should pick a physician who is extremely competent and experienced in nasal surgery. You should choose a board-certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon who does a significant number of nasal surgeries annually.

The open rhinoplasty technique is best when correcting a pinched nasal tip. Your surgeon will make a small incision just below the tip of your nose and elevate the skin over the entire nose. The incisions involved are easily closed leaving a minimal trace. Your physician will harvest cartilage from either the inside of your nose or other sites, such as your ear or rib cartilage to add support and structure to your nose. With the open technique your doctor will be able to secure the cartilage with precision.

The important aspect of this surgery is that your doctor will be able to rebuild and fashion your nasal structures to make your nose more structurally sound and cosmetically appealing. Because your physician is using the open technique and using cartilage, your recovery may be longer. Swelling will subside after a few weeks with complete results being full noted after a year. I find revision rhinoplasty very rewarding because patients are generally very happy to get the nose they always wanted.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at