Plastic Surgery 101

New product increases lip fullness and softens lines around the mouth

Q. I just heard that there’s a new injectable for lip enhancement. Is that true, and what is it good for?

A. Volbella XC is a new filler that serves a specific purpose. The Food and Drug Administration approved it last year for lip augmentation and correcting perioral lines in adults over 21. Clinical trials found Volbella XC increased lip fullness and softened the lines around the month.

The product is a soft, smooth gel. With this feature, the gel injected should have a smooth feel and look. In addition, because of the different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid — the main ingredient — this product should last up to one year. Another advantage of Volbella XC is that swelling should be less because the gel does not have a high water affinity.

I’m sure that Volbella XC will have many off-label uses as injectors get more experience with this product. I think that this product will serve a very specific market of patients. Patients who are smokers with wrinkles along their lips, older patients and patients who have poor definition and want to make their lips more defined but not necessarily larger.

You should try to find a physician or physician extender who is experienced in injecting lips. When interviewing your potential injector, ask for before and after pictures and don’t be too shy to ask about their experience with lip injections.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at