Chew on This

Chew on This

Check out these healthy summer go-to dishes

Looking for something new for dinner? Most of us are looking for something new and healthy. So when I was lucky enough to spend time with four nutrition experts who are also my very good friends, I asked the question, “Tell me about a summer go-to recipe.”

Chew on This

Sedentary behavior can trigger desire for high-calorie foods

Clients often tell me that once they start exercising, healthier eating follows with less effort. I assumed this was due to self-talk such as “I’m not going to mess up my great exercise regimen with unhealthy foods.” But a recent study in Obesity Biology and Integrated Physiology (March 2018) provided new food for thought.

Chew on This

Nutrition expert can help save your life

Forty years ago, with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and few job opportunities, I realized it was time to reevaluate where my professional passion was and whether could I make a living following the dream. As a child I spent weekends working in my father’s deli, making thick roast beef sandwiches and trying my best to slice a thin sliver of lox. I also saw my father suffer most of his life with ulcers, ultimately getting half his stomach removed. It seemed the study of nutrition would combine my love of food with the tools to help people with digestive disorders.

About Sheah Rarback

Sheah Rarback


Sheah Rarback, a registered dietitian, is on the faculty of the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami. She answers your questions about nutrition.


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Video shows neglected goats and other animals at farm in Sunrise

Animal rights group, Animal Recovery Mission, released footage from a farm in Sunrise that shows neglected goats and other animals. One person was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty.