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Inspirational health and wellness conferences to be held at University of Miami

Journalist Eli Bravo will be among a group of speakers at ‘A Day of Inspiration,’ an event to discuss family matters taking place at the University Of Miami's Alumni Center on Oct. 10, 2015.
Journalist Eli Bravo will be among a group of speakers at ‘A Day of Inspiration,’ an event to discuss family matters taking place at the University Of Miami's Alumni Center on Oct. 10, 2015.

Aiming to connect people seeking practical information for a more fulfilling life, a group of experts enlisted by Venezuelan journalist and writer Eli Bravo will host a series of conferences Saturday at University of Miami.

A Day of Inspiration, organized by wellness content platform Inspirulina, whose target audience is Hispanics, will include the participation of Alberto Sardiñas, Carlos Fraga, Samar Yorde, Diana Jaramillo and Carola Castillo.

“Our intention is to share similar in-person experiences to those we achieve online,” Bravo said during in an interview at Actualidad Radio 1020/1040 AM studios, where Inspirulina broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 9:30 p.m., and records short motivational snippets heard on the radio station throughout the day.

The program is retransmitted in Bonaire, Caracas, Montreal, and Panama among other countries, through a network of affiliated radio stations as well as online.

What are the conferences about?

“In the morning session, I’ll lead the conference titled ‘8 Happy Habits,’ which focuses on developing life habits that help increase a person’s overall happiness in their daily life,” said Bravo, who was inspired by the mindfulness method — “full attention meditation” — which he’s been practicing for the past decade.

“Later, it’s Carola Castillo’s turn. She’s a specialist in family therapy, with the workshop titled ‘If I Tell You Where You Came From, You’ll Surely Learn Where You’re Going,’ about the influence of familial histories in each person’s destiny,” Bravo said. “And then, my colleague Alberto Sardiñas will present ‘The Power of your Story’ on how the overcome adversity to achieve success.”

The afternoon sessions include “Four Tips to Guide Your Inner Self to Remain Abundant” and “Achieving an Ideal Weight.” The workshops will be led by life coach Diana Jaramillo and weight management expert Samar Yorde. The first workshop covers tips which help individuals overcome limitations and the second will cover overall health and wellness information.

Motivational speaker and business consultant Carlos Fraga closes the conference with a session titled “Something Has to Change,” aimed at people experiencing complex processes such as legalizing their immigration status.

“We want inspiration to transform into action, because definitely, everything talked about at the conference will only make sense if people apply it to their daily lives,” said Bravo, making it clear that what marks the difference is the level of interest each person has towards achieving change in their lives.

“It’s about growing and living independently of age,” he said.

Bravo added that all the workshops in the conference reflect the ample spirit of Inspirulina, “a virtual community with more than 320 collaborators in different parts of the world and thousands of daily site visitors.”

In reference to the motivation behind the creation of the platform, the writer said: “It was a natural process of personal and professional growth.”

“I’ve been working in the media for the past 30 years and these topics of wellness and personal development can be appreciated in one way or another in my career,” he said.

“But maybe the defining moment happened in 2002, when I sailed through the Caribbean for five months by myself and among so many internal processes, which I experienced during that time, I understood it was time to focus my work in the direction that my internal ‘GPS’ was signaling.”

The adventure didn’t only give way to the penning of a novel, A Wave After Another (2009), but a few years later also prompted the redesign of his personal website and the opportunity of doing something that would involve an entire community in the creative process.

Bravo divided Inspirulina’s content into four sections: “Planet or ecology of our world; Body, about everything related to our physical health; Mind, where mental health, leadership and motivational articles are published; and Consciousness, encasing everything related with the human soul and spiritual life.”

Most of the website’s visitors are women between the ages of 18 and 44.

“Inspirulina was launched in March of 2011. At that time, it was merely a seed but like all seeds when it finds fertile soil, water and love, it has grown strong,” Bravo said.

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If you go

▪ What: A Day of Inspiration.

▪ Where: Newman Alumni Center, University of Miami, 6200 San Amaro Dr., Coral Gables.

▪ When: 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday.

▪ Cost: $80 per session, $150 for two sessions.

▪ For more information: or 786-522-2295.