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Shopper’s Dictionary: Tiny But Mighty popcorn

What is it? Heirloom varieties of popcorn are finding their way to store shelves, next to the mass-produced, artificially flavored kinds.

My favorite of this new crop is Tiny But Mighty, which is grown on family farms in Iowa. Tiny But Mighty’s kernels pop up to about half the size of what we’re used to seeing. The popcorn has a sweet, nutty flavor, and because the kernels are so small, their hulls disintegrate when popped, so no pesky bits will stick between your teeth.

Where can I find it? You can buy a 1 1/4-pound bag of unpopped kernels for about $10, including shipping and handling, at The product also is available at Whole Foods.

Evan S. Benn is the Miami Herald food editor and restaurants editor. Follow him on Twitter: @EvanBenn.