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A wine sold at Publix and Total Wine has been recalled. There might be glass inside.

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Florida company Seavin recalled some of its bottled wines after learning they "may contain small grains or bits of glass," the company recall notice states.

The potential problem concerns the 750 ml glass bottles, which Seavin's bottle maker tested recently.

"That testing focused on a manufacturing defect impacting glass bottles utilized by Seavin in certain Lakeridge and San Sebastian production runs," the notice states. "A representative of our bottle manufacturers involved in the investigation of the defective bottles indicated to Seavin that the number of bottles from its plant actually containing pieces of glass is numerically insignificant, and that the risk to the public is extremely small."

But that risk apparently isn't so small that Seavin wanted to roll the dice on a wine drinker getting some internal bleeding with their vino. Thus, the recall.

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Seavin didn't post the date codes covered for each brand, requiring instead that the consumer enter the codes on the website. However, Publix did list the affected date codes on its website recall notice.

Lakeridge Winery Southern Red, date codes 030117, 030217, 030617, 030717, 030917, 031317, 031417, 031517, 042617, 042617-2 and 052417.

Lakeridge Winery Southern White, date codes 030817, 032817 and 032917.

San Sebastian Winery Vintners Red, date codes 022117, 022217, 022317, 022717, 031517-2, 041917 and 070617.

San Sebastian Winery Vintners White, date codes 030817-2, 033017, 040617 and 053117.

Publix lists San Sebastian Castillo Red, date code 052317-2, as being part of the recall, but Seavin doesn't. Seavin lists Lakeridge Winery Cabernet Sauvignon as part of the recall.

Where to find the date codes on the bottles of wine to determine whether or not they're included in this recall Seavin via Publix

For Publix customers anywhere but Georgia, you can return the bottles for a refund.

Customers at other outlets and Publix customers in Georgia, where returning alcohol violates state law, should call Seavin directly at 1-800-476-8463.

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