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She was at a McDonald's counter. Suddenly an employee came around and slapped her.

McDonald's sign
McDonald's sign Miami Herald file

It was a chaotic scene at a Jacksonville McDonald's on Thursday.

Cellphone video obtained by Action News Jax captures a few seconds of an incident between a customer and a restaurant employee.

It's unclear what the argument is about (a burnt Egg McMuffin? Cold fries, perhaps?), but the footage shows that suddenly the heavyweight worker storms out from behind the counter and lunges at the female patron. She then slaps the woman, whose glasses fall to the ground. The patron, a tall, slim woman, gets into a defensive stance, looking ready to fight, but then backs off and turns around to the counter.

"What's up! What's up! What's up!" screams the worker, with her hands in the air. "You can call the police!"

Witnesses said the customer instigated the altercation by throwing a drink at the staffer, Action News Jax reported.

The Miami Herald reached out to the fast food eatery, but there was no comment.

"I'm speechless. I'm blown away by that one," fellow customer Eddie Ford told Action News Jax. "I think it's totally unprofessional. Your job is customer service, and you come behind the counter and fight a consumer? That's crazy. You're the face of the company."