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Drink Dave Matthews’ wine and save the earth

The 2016 Sauvignon Blanc from Dreaming Tree is light and may please anyone who is sick and tired of chardonnay.
The 2016 Sauvignon Blanc from Dreaming Tree is light and may please anyone who is sick and tired of chardonnay.

Here at Poppin’ Bottles we are big fans of sustainability, and we don’t just mean sustaining the flow of wine into our mouths (although we are in favor of that, too). Earth Day is April 22, and we’re looking to sustain the home planet because wine grown on Mars is probably the equivalent of intergalactic dishwater.

Which brings us to The Dreaming Tree wines, the result of a partnership between winemaker Sean McKenzie and rocker Dave Matthews of Dave Matthews Band fame.


Happy hour with #dreamingtreewines 2015 #pinotnoir and Spanish goat's milk #cheese. #wine

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Now, I am not the biggest fan of jam bands. I’d rather drink a glass of vintage Windex than listen to a 45-minute improvisational foray into jazz fusion (I also hated Ryan Gosling’s bossy know-it-all character in “La La Land,” but that’s another story).

Anyway, one time my friend Adam made me a playlist that had some decent DMB songs on it, and no, “The Dreaming Tree” wasn’t on it, but “Crash Into Me” was, and that song is pretty good. So I was down for trying Mr. Matthews’ wine. Also, the winery is a Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing winery, which fits right in with the whole Earth Day situation.

Here’s what we tried and what it tasted like:

2015 Pinot Noir: First comes the cherry, then the berry. Wait a moment, and you’ll taste the tannins. But only a few laid-back, friendly tannins, not the strident tannins that bully their way into your mouth and refuse to let you taste anything else. We tried the pinot noir with some Spanish goat’s milk cheese, and our mouths were happy, and all was peaceful in the realm.

2016 Sauvignon Blanc: Light in color and taste, this wine allegedly is redolent of kiwi and passionfruit, though I’m not sure I’ve eaten enough of either fruit to tell. I did taste some grapefruit and lime, with a hint of that grassy New Zealand flavor at the end. Chardonnay haters may rejoice.

How much: Both are $15.

Where to get them: ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Bird Road Liquors, Fiesta Liquors, Publix, Winn-Dixie, CVS.

Earth-friendly factors: The corks are recyclable, and the bottles are lighter than most wine bottles and made with clean-burning natural gas. The labels are made from recycled paper. But more importantly, 5 cents from every bottle sold benefits Living Lands & Waters or The Wilderness Society. So far Dreaming Tree has donated $500,000 to environmental organizations and, with Living Lands & Waters, has planted more than a million trees. Who wouldn’t drink to that?