How do we know spring break has arrived? Look to the hairkini

Clearwater Police Department photo
Clearwater Police Department photo

A picture on the Clearwater Police Department’s Facebook page from Wednesday is getting a lot of attention.

It shows two officers smiling and posing with a beachgoer wearing what appears to be a hairkini. Apparently, it’s all the rage with male tourists and locals alike.

What’s a hairkini?

You may not want the answer to that question.

In simplest terms, it’s a bikini “top” styled from chest hair.

The FB post’s caption: “Talk about a hairy situation and a sign that spring break has officially arrived on America’s No. 1 beach — Pennsylvania man sports hair bikini to bring smiles to the faces of many. It worked — as you can see with Cpl. Giordano and Officer Perez.”

Clearwater Police asks followers to come up with their own captions for the picture with the unidentified South Florida visitor.

Some contributions:

“Clearwater’s Finest thought it was just another day in paradise; then things got hairy...”

“We’ve been on Gilligan’s Island too long.”

“If you have kids, this could be you when you nap on the beach.”

“Two men and a bearded lady???”

The fashion statement is nothing new.

Orlando Weekly tracked down a post with the hashtag #hairkini dating back as far as the summer of 2014.

Long live the hairkini?